European Office with Service

We know that, to make success with products or services on the foreign market, the most efficient way is to set up branches equipped with marketing staff locally. It is particularly important for the European market, those local companies are more willing to cooperation with local company, as the local law can apply, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes in international trade, or after-sale problems.


There is high threshold for Investment or establishing company in Europe, especially in the relatively conservative and serious markets such like Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and other countries, but rather which are the most mature, the most important potential target markets. If you want to set up companies in Germany, and to get legal residency permit, you need the objective of registered capital as well as a professional business plan to get through the examination, and the entire stage will take three months or more. Of course, the benefits of doing so is self-evident, we are happy to help you complete the registration, and issue of accounting and legal, human resources and other affairs. We could also provide managed service for your branch in Europe, instead of employing a full timed local staff, to lower the unnecessary labor cost.